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We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not rely only on studies that are made by others and that are ever so prevalent in the skincare industry but have done around 80 scientifi c in-house studies in both, ingredients and sleep-effect studies since BYNACHT® was founded, with most of them being accompanied by a board of experts as a clinical trial study and backed by additional research.

We believe that by learning from and throughout our ongoing studies we will be able to deliver the worlds most scientifi cally backed formulas and set a tone for the next generation of skincare. The results are frequently published in medical leading conferences and medical, dermatology and plastic surgeons magazines .

Study glass skin serum

Independent study with 126 women using the Hypercharged Glass Skin Serum for a time period of 6 weeks

  • 145%

    Skin hydration improved in only 2 weeks

  • 45%

    Reduced trensepidermal Water Loss in only 2 weeks

  • 99%

    Skin’s tone and texture looks dramatically transformed

  • 46%

    Signifi cantly reduced pore size was signifi cantly reduced

  • 92%

    Firmer and more elastic Skin feeling in only 2 weeks

  • 74%

    Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced in only 2 weeks

  • 89%

    Skin feels calmed and redness was reduced

  • 100%

    Skin looks glowing, renewed, revitalized and rejuvenated

  • 100%

    Complexion looks brighter, more radiant and more well-rested

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