Meet our sleep expert
Dr. Rebecca Robins

While we sleep,
our skin is wide awake
Dr. Rebecca Robbins

Whatever we do is backed by science. By research, by results, by the latest insights. And we do all this to help you get the most out of your beauty sleep.

But THE SCIENCE OF BEAUTY SLEEP is not just about the best products, formulas or ingredients.

It's also about seeing sleep not as 7 wasted hours of downtime, but as perhaps the best way of all to bring our body and mind back into their natural balance. 

For this, however, one must perfectly understand sleep and its deeper meaning. Which is why we are delighted to have Dr. Rebecca Robbins on our BYNACHT® team of experts.

One of the worlds most renowned sleep experts, DR.REBECCA ROBBINS knows - and fortunately shares with us - the latest scientific tips, tricks and findings on the subject of sleep, and why it is essential for body, mind and not least our skin to sleep well and restfully. 

Dr. Robbins is an instructor in medicine at HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL and her research has appeared in the NEW YORK TIMES, Financial Times and Readers´ Digest. 

She has appeared in National television segments for THE TODAY SHOW, Live! With Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, Fox Business News, ABC Nightline, CNBC, and CBS This Morning. Dr. Robbins also holds a Ph.D. in Health Marketing and Communication from Cornell University. 

We are more than happy that she will share her knowledge with us - from relaxing breathing techniques, sleep-promoting yoga exercises, ideas for the best individual bedtime ritual to the latest scientific findings and study results.